Lacquers with inset patterns of mother-of-pearl, a portrait of my Vietnamese ancestor in traditional dress of hand painted and embroidered silk, her porcelain teapot delicately decorated and set in silver, all these treasures of family surrounding strongly vivified my imagination. This oriental heritage nurtured my inclination for delicacy and refinement.

As for my grandfather, a joiner-cabinet maker, he bequeathed me the love of well done work. It is in his workshop in the Hautes-Alpes filled with the scents of wood and paints, fascinated by the sheens, the chiselled and sculptured panels, intrigued by the bundles of wool and thick cotton cloths of my grandmother, a mattress maker, that I patiently created a whole miniature world: small pieces of furniture, dolls’ clothes knitted with tailored twigs.

From my roots, I inherited the accuracy of my gestures, the passion for noble materials as well as a deep bond with my cultural and handicraft heritage.

Later, whilst working for a printing company as a textile designer, I discover the alchemy of colours reproduced on magnificent cloth colour charts. Then, for prestigious houses as Cerruti or Lancel, I design prints, accessories (shoes, hats) and decorative items (vases, tea sets...)

Thus, the art of entertaining, and later that of jewelry, become, for me, true areas of creativity and freedom, precious moments when I am able to combine ancestral “savoir-faire” and modern techniques.